Some people feel that the government should regulate the level of violence for films of television and cinema. Others feel that violent films should not be released. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

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It is true that each individual has a different taste in selecting films for their entertainment. While some people think that authorities should have responsibility for adjusting the violent level of films on television and in cinemas, I also believe that such kinds of films should be prohibited.

On the one hand, there are various reasons why leaders of the government should be aware of the need to control the violent content of films. Those films contain both moral and valuable messages: characters who are mean and violent will be defeated by those who have good traits. As viewers are able to understand that violence is not always a good way to be recognized and respected, they could notice their manners and restrict violent actions on a regular basis. Moreover, each person has a right to choose the kinds of films that they prefer, including films with violent scenes. As a result, if the government imposes such a ban, it will face a harsh rebuke.

Violent films, on the other hand, should be banned from public viewing due to their negative sides. There is no denying that some violent and bloody scenes in the films have a remarkable impact on viewers’ mental health. When those people spend their time watching those kinds of films, they are more likely to easily lose their temper and behave crudely. Furthermore, banning violent films is necessary to deter young citizens, who lack deep insight into the terrible consequences of their actions, from imitating dangerous actions or committing social evils that usually appear in those films. For example, juveniles unintentionally cause hazards when they use guns because they mimic shooting scenes in films. Thus, leaders of a nation should enact strict regulations on violent films.

In conclusion, films with violence should be passed on to censors; however, I think they should enact a prohibition of those films in the community.

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