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You are good person and you know the person should keep himself/herself from sex till his/her merriage. I think virginity is not good, because you gonna have a sex with everyone that you want and sometimes you don't use any condoms. And there appear some illnesses. May be infection.
So would advice to everyone to keep their virginity. In muslim countries almost all girls keep their virginity and it is good. If the girl after merriage is not a virgin the merriage will be stopped and devorcing.
Imagine, how can you make a family who had a lot of sex with other persons? It is bad deal. So I appologize if I wrote smth bad but it is true.
So take care.
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Good bye
Here I wanted to write I think virginity is good,
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Hi Joyceliang47!
What do you mean by word in China most of men take virginity as a very serious problem... ?
Hi! Tammy , hope a post from an old man is ok. I really like Viet Nam. Country is beautiful and the people are very gracious. I was there back then , 70.
I have tried to locate a photo of a very large Buddha just north of DaNang with no luck. It was being built in a field around China beach.
Have pictures of that and my friends that lived in the village.
Over 60 here and in Tampa Florida.
Am 27 years and am still a virgin. Dear I enjoyed bring a virgin but off course is not easy. U need to tell itself that u can do it and u see ur self do it. I love myself very much for being different from other girls out there bcos am happy for whom I am.
Virgin is a good thing every women should think of having.
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I also think that virginity is good. Sometimes I get irritated by my generation (the 90s kids) who is often mocking 14 years olds who takes pride in losing their virginity yet the 90s kids were the one who spread the words that being virgin means that you're a loser. I hate to admit that my generation is a big bunch of hypocrites.

No it is not bad actually it's a relief.