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You're right, Molly. It's sad when you can't turn on the TV without being bombarded by things like that...but it's to be expected in the world; the world is a very twisted place that makes bad seem good and good seem bad. I don't watch much TV anymore because of that.
Hi David,
I wont say "It is up to the individual to do what they believe is right. Everyone has the right to make their own choices." But I will say that most things has to be seen from the prospective of the intention and the real motive of the action.
Freedom to act or say or think doesnot mean it should interfere with someone's life or freedom of other. If I have been given a freedom to say anything does that mean I can say anything? No, definitely not.
Yes, but in most cases if the intention is clearly to help or for benifit of the mass on the whole it could be considered good.
Example related to Topic. If a woman is married to a man and if we support the notion of being Virgin, can any body explain to me- How far is this justified that the girl does not have sex life(even with her husband)? It is totally her wish, but it does interfere in the married life and her husband's desire(which is also her right).
Similarily have a view of it other way round- How far is this justified- Husband forces his wife to have a sex with her for his own wish?(I will term this rape, if she does not agrees)
But in both cases a mutual understanding is required.
It is not a question of making a choice it is question of making a wise, amicable decision kepping in mind the needs of all those who will be affected directly by your decision.
A girl, if she decides to be a Virgin has my support till and untill she is not married, becuse no one is affected by her decision, no body is dependant on her for Love and sex.

I hope you are getting a point to fall in to debate with me
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A girl should decide for her own if and when she will lose her virginity. She shouldn't be forced into love and sex, not even by her husband. I'm with you on that Eagle.

But . . . I think it is wise to be carefull and think twice before having sex with a person you don't want to have a commitment to.
Its very easy, if you don't trust you parnter, and you wanna go to bed with that person, just let her take the HIV test, to see if she has the disease. Emotion: geeked
I totally agree that someone who saves their virginity for the one they love should be respected.
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I believe that sex is a very important part off any life time relationship , what iff you have been saveing yourself for the one you love and then you find out you are sexually uncompatable?
It's up to their own personal about it if they want to lose it or not with someone before their getting married. Yes..., sex is very important part of our life in relationship, but you must be carefull with it. Cause when you lose it, you can "get it back" speacially when you do it with "just any body" without any feel or relation (like married). So think carefull with some feeling if you want to do it.
And like haq said, in this days HIV and many kind of it around us if you don't carefull enough.
To still have your virginity is not good nor bad! What difference could it possibly make??? Being permiscuous and irresponsible is a different matter! Who cares if you can't get it back???? It's not the end of the world you know!! Virginity is just a word after all, it's not a tangible thing!
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WHO SAID VIRGINS ARE DUMB AND SHOULDNT BE ON EARTH...????......well i my self am a virgin of 12 (13 in may) years of age and friends in the same class and older classes brag how they lost there virginity to some super hot guy..like wat ever!

or how they're sexually active with a friend and are totally proud....well with me im not planning my to lose my virginity any time soon..but i shoudnt speak so soon you never no!

i think that if your a virgin you shouldnt be trying to give it away..because the only person whom you should surender your virginity to is your one true love(l)(k)!..and other then that keep it to your self!:D

and listen up if you want to know if your boy friend loves you theres is a way.....if he asks you to have sex with him and you tell him your not ready and he totaly understands and tells you that he respects your wishes then he loves you(L)...but on the other hand if he asks you to have sex and you say your not ready and he just keeps pressuring you into it then you know 100%that he dosnt love you but just wants to get in your pants(u)!

i have to say being a virgin is great and is nothing to be ashamed of but on the other hand losing it something to be ashamed of because then you get called all sorts of things.

So to finally answer your question "being a virgin good or bad?" 100% GOOD:D:D:D!!!

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