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Manou, regarding your friend who is 27, I think that is may be not a problem. May be it is more difficult to understand how a man of 27 is still virgin. Nevertheless, I think it is going for girls as for boys. I mean that if the girl doesn't understand that he's still virgin, she may be an idiot. Making love is not only having pleasure, but also a way of communication between two people who want to share something.
I can easily understand that he's not happy with that situation, and more if his friend have already done it, but making love with a girl just to try...he may be disappointed? If I would be the first girl of a man I wouldn't judge him. I think I would be more patient, more careful, more tender. To answer his question, I won't think anything if I know my man were virgin. We all have the "very first time"...

I don't think I'm the only to think that, but maybe I'm wrong... ^0)
People should try sex, then if they don't like it, they can go back to being virgins.
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I understand your point Sharann, but what you seem to miss here is that my friend cannot go out with a girl BECAUSE he's still virgin. Because of his own innerfears, he has a lot of difficulties to contact a girl, just to even go out. And more the time passes, more he's "afraid".
That's why I think he should just go out with a girl, make love with her, and throw away all his shyness. Well I think...
Even if he's disappointed, that would be the experience he would need to "start again".

What I want to tell here is that to be virgin is not a bad thing, but when you grow older, it might imply personnal issues, even irrational ones.
Xavier, might be a bit too late then, might it not? lol Emotion: smile
Wouldn't it be a joy to the boy or girl that she/he is making love to a virgin? That she or he is the first one to be getting the pleasure and giving it too to his or her spouse? Such a married couple is lucky if both are virgins!

First things first though... why do we want to discuss in the first place about virginity? How does it matter to us as to who is and who is not a virgin?
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I don't think "no-viriginity" will be a problem in further life or in couple life... I think if the man or the woman had previous intercourses (is it the right word?), they must be honest... The problem comes if the partner doesn't say the whole truth... Sometimes it's hard to tell details but it is usefull... And what you've done in the past made what you're Today... If the person loves you TODAY, she/he must love your past because it is the reason you're like that now...

I think that sometimes virginity could be a problem in a couple if the man or the woman who's still virgin is with someone more experienced or another problem would be the "sexual incompatibility" and if they don't 'try' before, the could have problems after...

I'm sure that for lot's of girls/boys who loses their viriginity, the best souvenir wasn't the first time... but rather the first time they did it correctly, without stress, pain, etc.
Would like to know what Xavier understands by the word 'Virginity'? Of the body or of the mind?
hi im 18 and i think keeping your veginity is important untill you are in a stable relationship as it has put a real strain on my relationship as my girlfriend has had 3 parteners before me starting at 15 and i have had none before her is i wanted to wait for the right person. but now i have found her it upsets me that she dident feel the same, i cant help but feel im missing out on something not been able to sleep with a vergin but i could never cheat on my gilfriend and i cant see us ever braking up so i feel i have missed my chance and i get jelous and we argue and i know its not her falt anyone any advice

cheers ash
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mmm.....i think that one's body is something sacred like a jewel....you should treasure it 2 marriage....
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