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i think it is important to save your vaginity untill you meet someone you realy care about as im 18 now and i lost my vaginity to my girlfriend because i felt it was the right time, but she had 3 parteners before me starting when she was 15 and this really eats me up sometimes as i jsut feel that im missing out as i wil never be bale to expreiance sleeping with a vergin or loosing my vaginity with someone who is also a vergin as i hae fallen in love with my girlfriend its ok untill i hae time to think about it then it just eats me up i love her but love doesnt make this feeling go away i just dont think i can keep going out with her but i dont want to leve her because she makes me happy but her past of unprotectivee sex, im ment to be going on holiday some days i cant even look at her
Dear Ashley,
Maybe you're talking about losing your "virginity", not "vaginity"? Since you appear to be a man, this would have been a premiere indeed! Emotion: wink
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I really do think its pretty disappointing and maddening that virginity is viewed with such surprise, shock and even amusement especially in the West. I'm not saying that its not happening in Asia but virginity before marriage is quite "acceptable" in large parts of the Eastern world. The pressure to lose it however is just so common in the West that people are very surprised and disbelieving if someone is a virgin in their 20s. I do wish people in the West wouldn't find it "strange" for women to be virgin and be a bit more appreciative!.Emotion: smile
Ashly i am in the same situation as nyou and all i can really say to you is try to accept the situation as it is and cut your loses. when my chick droped the news on me if was as if i'd been droped kicked in the heart. To make things worst her first was with some jerk off named robert she tells me how much she regreted that decision, the worst part is that ive treated girls nice always. when i had a girlfriend in junior high i treated her with the respect i believed she desrved as a women. Sometimes to me it seems as though the jerk dudes break girls hearts and take what they cant get back , while the good guys pick up the pieces and take the leftovers. I guess nice guys really do finish last.
Virginity is not a physiological state of a person, I suppose, except some exlusions for females. I mean, there is no difference between virgin and non-virgin man physiologically.

Whether it is bad or good? Question itself is a little bit strange. How can someone judge on the matters of choice.

Therefore, I support the opinion that virginity should be respected in Western world, and non-virginity should be respected in the Eastern, as not being common phenomena in those societies.
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Seeing as how condoms can help to prevent STD's and wanted pregnancies, it is ridiculous to demean anyone who has had sex with more than one person. Condoms are widely available, affordable, and easy to obtain. Therefore, the people getting STD's are the ones who are not having safe sex. You can go your whole life without getting an STD and at the same time having had more than one sexual partner.
Virginity today means very little because of the way liberal education system such as the one we have in Calif. has gotten control of the young generation The importance of moral and integrity are replaced with individualism and choice of freedom. Just as this discussion is going on here, there are many propositions on the ballet on next Tuesday’s voting and one of which is # 73. For which the Calif. Supreme Court ruled parents have no right to teach their children about the birds and the beast and matters related to such. It’s the state and it’s educator who will replace the parents to educate your kid in the sex matters. Moreover, if a teen girl is pregnant and she wants to abort the pregnancy, she does not have to tell the parents nor the parents have any saying. What kind of carp is this! But this is the world we live it. Liberalism is taking over the right of the parents and the order of our society. Some schools are advocating homosexuality in grade schools because the liberal school officials believe that the children should explore their sexuality in early age so that they won’t have any sexual identity crisis- Right ! Having vented my anger about the whole system, I think it’s important to tie the virginity topic to what I just said. Virginity used to mean a lot for Chinese women for what it represented. But it recent years, the mindset of the Chinese society has been changed by exposures to the degenerate media such as MTV and channel of this kind, girls are brained washed to believed revealing their bodies are cool and attractive. Casual sex is normal and we are free to enjoy. Sure, we guys love it. But that’s beside the point. We still need morals and integrity in this world to keep everything decently acceptable. But today, even guys don’t really mind if his girl has been around the block a few times; just so long sex is great, it’s ok. I don’t think so ! Maybe I am a bit old fashioned.

Just my 2 cents….. like to hear your feedback.

"If a woman is married to a man and if we support the notion of being Virgin, can any body explain to me- How far is this justified that the girl does not have sex life(even with her husband)? It is totally her wish, but it does interfere in the married life and her husband's desire(which is also her right)."

This is grounds for an annulment of the marriage. It's outright fraud! I'd bounce her right out into the street.
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Virginity signifies the purity of a girl’s body; at least it was believed so a generation or so ago in the Asian cultures. Since the advance of information age, the polluted images of the west has contaminated the East cultures and societies by means of video, movies, magazines and internet. Half naked images of men and women and provocative posts are being used in the advertisements, promoting their products with the notion of being sexy is good. What used to be “bad” now is considered “trend” and hip. In US, girls in their early teens consider proud to be losing their virginity to the guy they like; even the boy and girl friend relationship only lasts a few months. I used to work with a Caucasian girl in a restaurant as a hostess who was only 17 at the time. She told me once when I gave her a ride home that she already had 50 different guys since she was 14. It was unbelievable! That was over 10 years ago. But this trend is going for the worse. Many teenagers now are drop-outs from school because pregnancy. So does virginity mean something or just an old fashioned tradition or concept ? Obviously, a lot of guys (who I called scum of the earth) think it’s cool and fun to keep knocking up girls and walk away afterward as if it not his problem.

I think these men gave us males the bad wraps.
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