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Anita_aWhy is so much importance given here to the virginity of a girl? why is virginity associated with girls in the first place?
Because girls care about it more than boys do? That's why they often call it their "flower". I can't think of a name that refers to that of boys. Besides I don't see anything wrong in a girl that wants to preserve their Virginity. I think its great!
Isn't it necessary for the boy also to preserve his virginity if he wants a virgin wife?

Virginity of mind is more important than the virginity of the body.
I believe so, but boys do not think that way. Most of the time, they want to take someone else's flower and hope theirs will still be there. But virginity of mind? I didn't get that Anita_a.
GuestHi 12 year old guest. I'd like to answer your dear sweet little comments.
and listen up if you want to know if your boy friend loves you theres is a way.....if he asks you to have sex with him and you tell him your not ready and he totaly understands and tells you that he respects your wishes then he loves you

Have you ever stopped to consider that boys use tricks like this to get into girls' pants? Teenage boys will say and do almost anything to get a girl to sleep with them, so I wouldn't let them fool you that easily. You're still very young, you have yet to learn a lot about relationships. I know how you feel, I was your age just a few years ago, and I thought like you did, like I knew everything there was to know, but believe me, you have much experience and growing left ahead of you. If your virginity is so precious to you, and you really feel like you should lose it to the love of your life, don't give in just because he shows some patience, let him wait a few years, after all, if you really think he'll stick by you for the rest of your life, why not right?

Better take this advice.
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What would happen if all the women in the world kept virginity till death?
All the men in the world would get mad, but the spaceship Earth would be saved.

i fully respect ppl who are willing to wait til marriage. don't let people change your way of thinking! im only a freshman in hs and im planning on waiting until college or later (not some random guy at a party, dont worry) but i dont think i'll wait until marriage. but im definetly waiting until after high school because i dont want my life to be ruined by a child this early on.
Well guess what, I am a 30 year old VIRGIN and am proud of it thanks to the Almighty Yahweh! No, I am not gay or have a sexual dysfunction. I may never loose my virginity, but those who have victory over the flesh in the name of Jesus Christ, (i.e. keeping onself a virgin) a divine, great reward in Heaven will be given! This world has failed miserably in abstaining from sex and the fact that there is wonton murder of babies, divorces, adultries, cheatings, etc. don't help the matter! Folks we are ultimately in a battle of good vs. evil. It is people's Spirit that is really paramount, but don't think for a damn second that fleshy, carnate sins don't effect the Spirit world and vice versa ....THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the flesh luseth against the spirit: and the spirit against the flesh: For these are contrary one to another: so that you do not the things that you would. Galatians 5:17

By golly I do love thy neighbor, but NO way in hell am I going to subject myself to someone already DONE IT! How foolish a person to give in. THis world needs a few more virgins to make satan so jealous that he'll run screaming back into the center of the earth which some people have speculated would be hell!

So keeping virginity is more IMPORTANT then even any stupid church or typical liberal Christian says! Don't give in no matter how depressing and lonely life can get because Yahweh is with you and you will recieve a great reward.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:6-8
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Hello Everybody,

Yeah this is the time of the IT and so so and it's getting the kids on ...

Parents should be teaching about the sex and kind of stuffs from the early age.

And all the schools must have the sex education too.

And tell you people I'm 29 and still a virgin.

Virginity is boring.
I am a virgin,and let me tell you what a blessing it is. Rather than having to worry about STD's and pregnancy, I can focus on things I want to do. I am so excited to be able to get married, telling my husband that I love him enough to wait for him- that he is worth that much to me. I only hope he saves the same for me. It definitely is not a bad thing to a virgin, at least until marriage.
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I think most of you have very valid points about keeping your virginity. The only thing that I found that wasn't mention is about keeping virginity in the african-american community. I'm a 2nd year african-american female in college student majoring in Political science and sociology and yes I am a virgin. I am also 19 years old. In my experiences, with "race" (forgive for using this term) and sex, I see that black people are more likely to have sex than other races and this as a black person myself is alarming, especially since we are in the "rap" era. As all of you may know, "black people" (such as Beyoncé, 50 pence I mean cents lol and lil Kim) in at the moment dominate the musical scene (which is HUGE). I mean music especially the music videos are what the youth of today, my self included are watching. Most of them often than not, meaning 90% of the time focus primarily on SEX. Even though people will deny that they are influenced by what the watch the truth is that music channels such as MTV and even BET (which I think is a fraud) now almost only plays rap and hip hop videos portraying numerous scantily-clad black women (usually) rubbing or touching their bodies, it is hard to see why non-virginity is very high among black people and even now it is spreading to other races. Even the lyrics of many rap and hip hop songs are very sexually explicit for instance there is a song called "Joy stick". I is about "riding" a man's privates. This song alone was 6 minutes long...most songs are 3 and 4 minutes but the repetive beats seduce your body into believing you want to have sex. Anyways my advice is that black people especially women shouldn't be pressured by "norms" to give into sexual immorality. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and if I have been able to touch one person whoever that is to save yourself for marriage (man or woman). Male virgins tend to feel left out of "virginity" for all who have excluded you I acknowledge you! You are not going to be a "40 year old virgin" and I commend you on your choice not to lose your virginity (I detest that term also! People don't "lose" their virginity like they lose their wallet or their glasses you GIVE it away).

Don't forget: All those who participate in pre-marital sex will be cursed. We can see this clearly in divorced rates. But for all who do participate in sex and have found Jesus Christ once you confessed and repented for your sins you WILL be forgiven. So just because you can't go back doesn't mean you can't start again...God is very merciful.

For teenagers and to adults: don't be fooled by the music videos of today life as we know it isn't some utopic never-ending party gathering but things are much more complex and issues such as sex shouldn't be degraded to those low levels.

Some people may say that religion (especially Christianity) sexually represses people! The TRUTH: Christianity is a religion dedicated to "sexual repression" the contrary is true but sex has to be done under the right circumstances or disaster is inevitable...

On the Issue of promiscuity, I see it as this...any one can have 200 sex partners (I mean that in cases is the equivalent of the customers a sex-trade workers has received in their life-time) but not that many can say they have had one. Even though virginity has slowly becoming again popular (thank you conservatism). Also what makes sex so special if you have "been around the entire block" with many partners? Not much.

To counter the argument someone that someone said to me recently that "sex is the only thing women and men have in common", even though he is saying the truth, that doesn't have to BE it...women and men have alot alot alot more things in common than sex and when SEX is removed from the concept...commonalities will begin to reveal themselves I think it is because society (especially the media society) are so clouded by the fog of sex that they consciously or unconsciously cannot see the gender similarities.

Finally to answer to the question is virginity, good or bad? I must say it is a "good" thing even thought the term good is very vague. I believe it is a miracle of God and yes I think it should be cherished.

I rarely disclose that I'm a virgin because I don't see the reason to mention this but for all those who are curious I don't mind being a virgin...when people say "your missing out, by being a virgin or as someone once told me "I mean how can you enjoy life if you haven't had a slice of cake before..." (I must comment that this person was an IDIOT...for comparing cake to "making love"). The fact remains that: you cannot miss what you haven't done. Its like asking if you miss the rain when you have sunshine all the time...ridiculous. I must say like any moral, I have in the past and in the present, on occasion question my decision to remain as I am but fundamentally I always draw the same conclusion: I CHOSE to stay a virgin for my husband and I know my husband will stay the same. AND YES! I am in a committed relationship and we both intend to save the goodies for marriage. When your a virgin and your giving your partner the gift of your body, mind and soul...nothing can take that away. It eliminates possible sexual complications...about previous partners and STD's and gives you time to focus on God and each other another.

From Kimmi
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