Hi! I have to write an invitation letter for my sister to present to the US Embassy in her country, but I really don't know what I should satate in this letter, can you please help me?
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I don't know what the Embassy will look for, but I would guess you should include at least the following information.

Length of stay in the USA, including planned or suggested arrival and departure dates.

Address she will stay at.

Purpose of visit.

Your relationship to her.

Perhaps a statement of your intention to be responsible for her if any financial problems arrive?

I imagine the Embassy's concern is to ensure that this is a genuine visit and not just an excuse to come and not leave again.

Best wishes, Clive
HI, I have got the same problem that you have, so we are looking soon the answer forward!

Looking for help.
Mr. J
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Thanks a lof for your help.

You can find a sample of a Visa Invitation letter at http://invitationletter.net /
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Thank you so much (http://www.immigrationlinks.com/news/newshints66.htm ) this helps alot....
To the consulate of switzerland,

H and M , we're invitating michael to come and visit us for not less than 3 month only.

He is coming to make Holiday here,He will come in the first week of Novermber and inthe bignning of Feb 2010.

we're well concerned 0r we will be taking all the responsiblily for His starying in swiss,and He will be well insured.

We're remain H and M in swiss

check this and go from there

I wrote one for my nephew to come and spend 2 month and there was no problem.. just make any necesary change

good luck
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