POLICE have unveiled the latest weapon in a bid to help revellers avoid injuring themselves - comfy roll-up shoes.
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The Rollasoles are aimed primarily at women tottering dangerously on stilettos after having a few too many.
They are being placed in "goody bags" containing other useful items for tipsy ladies and the hope is they will help slash the numbers who are injured.
This in turn should reduce pressure on the NHS and police.
The stylish, compact ballet pumps can be squeezed into small handbags and are being given out chiefly in Llandudno and Rhyl by police and volunteers.
The other essential items include a personal alarm, a bottle of water, lollipops and condoms - all selected to address the harms associated with excessive alcohol use.
The Conwy and Denbighshire's community safety partnership team, which is behind the estimated pounds 20,000 initiative, previously used flip flops but Rollasoles were found led tube lamps to be more sustainable.
Roly Schwarz from the partnership said: "We wanted to look at ways to reduce the risk of injuries to women when they go out in high heels.
"We want to encourage people to come out to our pubs and clubs end enjoy themselves safely and we want to see them get home safely too."
Community safety sergeant, Jonny Hill said new volunteer "police angels" will spend the coming weekends stepping up safety warnings to club-goers.
He said high visibility patrols would also be conducted outside pubs, clubs and take away outlets adding: "This campaign has been designed to ensure people feel safe whilst enjoying a night out."
Over the festive period, 2,000 packs will be given out in Conwy and Denbighshire funded by a partnership grant shared between joint schemes between the council, emergency services and the NHS.
Rollasoles would normally cost pounds 5 and have inspired a bizarre following on the internet. One enthusiastic member of the Rollasole Appreciation Society group on Facebook said: "I can honestly say they were heaven sent.
"The dancing could continue and I was the only one out of 13 of us that kept their shoes on all the way back to the hotel and didn't have sore feet in the morning."

Could you please explain to me the emboldened parts?
Though I know "patrol" is "a surveillance of police/guards around building" and "outlet" is like a "branch".

Source : http://www.mygatorhunt.com/blog/view/id_81/title_wales-keeping-revellers-whole/
High visibility = obvious. They want the citizens to see them patrolling
Take away outlet = an off-license, a shop selling alcohol to carry away.
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Here I read "take-away outlet" (in my view it should be hyphenated) to mean a place that sells food to be taken away and consumed off the premises. There may be AmE/BrE differences in usage.
Ah, you are probably right, Mr Wordy. I was taken up with the theme of the piece: drunkenness.