Hi teachers,

"In their house, a mother asks her daughters to go visit with her aunt."

From the dictionary:

to pay a social call on someone. I would like to come by and visit with you for a while. I will enjoy visiting with you.

1. Why did the mother say that even though "the aunt was in the same house"? Isn't that you travel from one place to another place to visit someone?

2. Does 'call on' in real situation where you actually at someone's house paying a visit? (Like physically in their house)

3. Is it the same as 'house call'?

Thank you.

1-- You can also 'visit' (= go and talk to) someone in the same house, particularly if you don't talk to them very often.

2-- A 'house call' is normally made by a doctor or other professional in the course of business.
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