Have I depicted the vista successfully?

The bizarre and motley vista of the streat continuously broke into his eye.
Sorry Jobb, try again

bizarre and motley are odd adjectives to apply to a street and I am not sure what you mean by 'broke into' his eye. Do you mean caught his eye? But then that cannot happen continuously, so you need to clear up your meaning here.
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Which one is okay now?

1) The multicoloured vista continuously broke into his field of vision.
2) The kaleidoscopic street scenes continuously forced themselves on his attention.
3) The vista of the street cried with colour, continuously breaking into his field of vision.
For it to be breaking his field of vision/forcing on his attention, breaking his field of vision, he would need to be looking at something else and getting distracted. Is this what you mean? If he is in the street there is probably not anything else for him to be looking at.

I get your gist, think again about what he is doing and thinking and describe it more simply but possible more emotively as it sounds like quite an experience!
but the multicoloured vista continually broke into his field of vision, getting him absent-minded.
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hi nona incognito here

Ok, so it is breaking his attention from the conversation but presumably he is still looking where he is walking, so it is not breaking into his sight etc...

Try a phrase like 'grabbing his attention, catching his eye, getting distracted by, his eyes jumped from colour to colour...