Could you tell me the difference between remnant and remains?


A large number of people, especially young ones, insouciantly eat fast food and drink sugary drinks on a regular basis because of their tastiness, even though these dietary choices are associated with higher risks of obesity and diabetes.

Does the writer use insouciantly correctly?

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A remnant is most often something brand new, but there is not enough of it to be fully useful.

It is used for carpet and bolts of cloth. Capet comes in large rolls, and pieces are cut to fit rooms. At the end, there is only a little bit left, which is sold as a remnant at a discount.

Carpet remnants.

There are uses in specific old objects.

It is used in astronomical contexts:

The Crab Nebula is the remnants of a supernova.

It is also used for discrete bits of decayed or ruined things.

The rock contains remnants of shells.

And it is used as an abstract noun too.

He gathered up the remnants of his wounded pride, lifted his head high, and left.

Remains is used for leftover old, used things that are worn out. It is commonly used in forensics.

Dead bodies are the remains of human beings.
The book is titled "A Guide to the Roman Remains in Britain."
In the past century, a fossil hunter named Albert Koch uncovered the remains of a mastodon with some stone tools.

Sometimes these are interchangeable:

The asteroids are thought to be the remains / remnants of a planet that broke up during the formation of the solar system.

The only remains / remnants of the ancient city walls are a few foundation stones.

Nhật BìnhCould you tell me the difference between remnant and remains?

I feel your pain. The dictionaries can be frustrating. A remnant is often something desirable or neutral. The remains are more like detritus, waste.

If I say "the remains of an ancient civilization", I might mean the ruins, middens, scraps of text. The remnants of that civilization might be the descendants of the people who made it up, their culture and code of laws.

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Nhật BìnhDoes the writer use insouciantly correctly?

Yes, but it is a rather high-register word. In other words, many people will have to dust off their dictionary.

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Thank you very much.

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