I have a question. Please answer.

In the conversation below, is the word ‘actuality’ instead of ‘authenticity’ appropriate? I wonder if the word ‘actuality’ is the same meaning with the word ‘authenticity’.


M: Hey, Claire. What are you doing on your computer? Surfing the Internet?

W: Oh, hey, Dave. No. I’m working on my politics presentation for next week. It’s about local policies.

M: Sounds interesting. Can I see it?

W: Sure. I interviewed some local politicians and filmed the interviews for my presentation.

M: Oh, cool. So you got to meet them in person?

W: Yeah. I thought it’d be good to hear directly from them about local policies.

M: Great idea. It’ll add some authenticity to your presentation.

W: Thanks. In this part in the video, this local councilwoman gives a really good insight into the upcoming election. I just wish the audio was a little louder.

Juniper Kim 1354In the conversation below, is the word ‘actuality’ instead of ‘authenticity’ appropriate?


Actuality is most often used with the preposition "in", meaning "in fact."

I know that in actuality most kids text on their phones throughout the whole day while they're in school.

An enchanting love story, like a good horror movie, relies more on possibility and imagination than actuality.

Authentic, means "close to the truth".

Her love for him was authentic, not feigned.


Actuality would not be appropriate in this sentence. While Actuality and Authenticity are both nouns, Authenticity is a characteristic and Actuality is not. A presentation can possess the characteristic of Authenticity, but Actuality is not a characteristic. On the other hand, an Actuality is a thing itself. An Actuality can possess characteristics or perform actions. Authenticity cannot. For example, you can say, "This hypothetical event has become an actuality with authenticity." You cannot say, "This authenticity possesses actuality." That would be nonsensical. Put simply: an actuality is a thing, authenticity is a characteristic of a thing.

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