Hi guys

If a book is so interesting that I cannot stop reading it, what is the adjective to describe such a book?

On the other hand, if the book is so boring that I stop reading it after a short while, what is the adjective to describe it?

Somehow the adjectives have slipped out of my mind, and I'm unable to recall them.

Thanks in advance.
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A good book: a page-turner. (But that's a noun, not an adjective. You'd say "It's a real page-turner." but not "It's a page-turning book.")

But I'm not sure what you would use to describe a boring book. Usually, I just hear "It was boring." Not very helpful, I guess Emotion: smile
1 unputdownable
2 I would say: This book bores the pants off me
Also, trite, hackeneyed, dull, boring... .
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1. hard-to-put-down
2. It bores me to tears (sorry, not an adjective)
I agree with Inchoateknowledge. The word is 'unputdownable' for an interesting book. The book is unputdownable. But for boring book, so far nothing has jolted my memory.
Hello Ann

I'm glad to meet you in this forum.
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Hi Yoong Liat!

How about "dull as ditchwater"? :-)
Is "engrossing" a bit too vapid?
Hi Ann

I need an adjective. I just can't recall that elusive word.
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