I tried to fill up with the available words in some of the questions, but I didn't understand the remaining please help me.

abusing, abate, abadon, abhor, abolish, abuse, abound, accord, accentuate, accumulate

1. It disgusts me to see him------ his children in public. (abusing)

2. She wears blue to -----------------her eyes.(accentuate)

3. They are very old-fashioned and ------------change.

4. We need to -------------enough evidence to ensure his conviction.(accumulate)

5. How could you ----------------such awful conditions?

6. He will never--------------hope.(abate)

7. Should governments------------the death penalty? (abolish)

8. This iniformation does not ---------withe the evidence of earlier witnesses.(accord)

9. Oranges------------here all the year round.(abound)

10. People who-------------their parking privileges will have them removed.(abuse)

adhered, aired, adjourned, advocated, acquitted, aggravated, afforded, adapted, acknowleged, abide.

11. They waited for the storm to -------------.

12. The council----------------banning cars in the city centre.(adhered)

13. The tree-------------them welcome shade.(acknowldged)

14. She--------------that the equipment had been incorrectly installed.(afforded)

15. He-------------strictly to the given schedule.(abide)

16. The trial was --------until the following week.(adjourned)

17. He was -------------on the grounds of diminished responsiblity.(acquitted)

18. He--------------his condition by leaving hospital too soon.(aggraveted)

19. These styles can be----------to suit individual tastes.(adapt)

20. He frequently-------------his views in public.(aired)

Please help me to fill up the remaining and make corrections, if any of them are in wrong place.
1. abusing
2. accentuate
3. abhor
4. accumulate
5. abide (you placed it in the second group)
6. abandon
7. abolish
8. accord
9. abound
11. abate (you placed it in the first group)
12. advocated
13. afforded
14. acknowledged
15. adhered
16. adjourned
17. acquitted
18. aggravated
19. adapted
20 aired