I need a resource of very specific vocabulary - for pilots. Not for airports/travel/tourists. I teach English in Colombia and have two new students, both are pilots. I need a resource of English/Spanish vocabulary appropriate for pilots. They fly 50-55 seat jet airliners.

Does anybody have any appropriate resources?

Check out Google entries for 'aviation English' or 'international English pilot vocabulary' or similar word groups. You'll find a lot of material on the topic. Even the advertisements will be useful because you can pull out a lot of the vocabulary from any lesson descriptions they give there, such as 'medical emergency', 'taxiing', 'bird strike', 'jet lag', 'cockpit', 'take-off', 'landing', 'air control tower', 'runway', 'radio frequency', 'helicopter', 'ETA', 'deicing', etc. Of course you won't get all the details like all the names of the parts of a plane, but at least it's a start for your research.

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Thanks, yeah, I've done that search and any sites with any useful info are pay sites, and none of the sites have the spanish translation. Using an online translator is not useful. I'll continue searching, but I don't have much hope of finding such a site.
Just for future reference - the website - foxhugh.com/?s=aviation - has 232 aviation terms in english and spanish.I can't verify the correctness of them, but at least it's a start.

Oxford English Picture Dictionary is a good resource. There are a few that vary in detail.You might find what you need in one of those. If you speak Spanish and can get your hands on some native language materials used by pilots, you might be able to translate a lot rather easily, depending on your fluency.

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