something to help me find out the qualification and experiences of a doctor.

A prestigeous hospital of a big city set up a small clinic in a satelite town to accomadate the medical needs of the community. It's all good, but I wonder if the doctors/physicians are independently hired on within the local community (the little town itself), and have no direct work connection with the hospital. How do I ask it, or what word/phrase do I use, if I want to know specificaly if these doctors are, or have been, regular doctors from the hospital, say, in this sentence structure?

Are the doctors _______________?

Of course other options are welcome too. I just thought this is the simplest.

Thanks in advance.

Are the doctors directly employed by the hospital?
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Thanks GG. That'd sure cover it. But not to push the issue, is there a more subtle word to indicate a prior employment with the hospital, meaning that they have worked at the hospital for a while and thus have enhanced their experiences and knowledge as a doctor.

Have the doctors who are working at the clinic transferred here from the hospital, or did the hospital hire them specifically for the clinic?

That will also tell you if they are working for the hospital - if they are not, the person would correct the latter part of the sentence.