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There we go..

* Pig headed = Stupidly stubborn
Ex: He is a pig headed boy.

* As drunk as a skunk = Very drunk

Now it is your turn to tell us some vocabulary and idioms for describing people!!

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An easy and funny one: somebody (I really like this one): an important person

A couch potato: someone who sits on a sofa or couch for several hours watching TV

A black sheep: someone different from other members of the family (not necessarily with a negative sense)
A chicken: a coward person

A party animal: someone who enjoys going to the parties

That's enough for today, now your turn.
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How Nice!!

Tight Fisted = Stingy

Cheers Emotion: smile
Let me add some:

As stubborn as a mule.

Make an ass of oneself. (Make a fool of oneself.)

As wise as an owl.

As happy as a lark.
As cute as a bug's ear. usually refers to newborns.
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Hi! I am an ESL student teacher and my very first lesson on wed. will be about describing people!! COuld you tell me how you appraoched this lesson and how you went about it!?!? I find the course I am taking very theoretical but not very practical!

THe animal idioms sound great! how would I go about teaching that?!


What does this mean "I'm wearing a duck"?