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* Pig headed = Stupidly stubborn
Ex: He is a pig headed boy.

* As drunk as a skunk = Very drunk

Now it is your turn to tell us some vocabulary and idioms for describing people!!

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an eager beaver

someone who works very hard and is very eager to do things
a country bumpkin = an awkward, untutored rustic ---American Heritage Dictionary
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australian english is full of very unique and colourful idioms to describe people, but i can't think of any right now that are suitable to post here.Emotion: wink

when teaching esl, i used to do a lesson on animals, and the myriad ways of using animal idioms to describe personal attributes. quiet as a mouse, strong as an ox, bull in a china shop, cat on a hot tin roof, at it like rabbits, etc. try googling some animal names with the word IDIOM and you will find a wealth of them.
australian english is full of very unique and colourful idioms to describe people

As pleased as a rat with a gold tooth?
a guinea pig - one who is used as a subject in an experiment

a daredevil - one who is recklessly bold

a dark horse - one who is not likely to win but does so unexpectedly

a gatecrasher - one who attends a party/concert without being invited/without paying.

a big shot - an important or influential person

a whiz kid - an exceptionally intelligent and innovatively clever kid

a chatterbox - one who can't stop talking

a busybody - a nosy parker (one who always meddles in other people's affairs)

an underdog - someone who is usually expected to lose in a competition with someone else.

a blackleg - one who takes the place of someone on strike or one who continues to work even when his colleagues are on strike

a grass widow - a woman whose husband is often away on work, leaving her on her own

a pain in the neck (or anywhere else) Emotion: wink a real nuisance and most people can't stand him/her

a wet blanket - Is someone who spoils the atmosphere or prevents others from enjoying themselves by being very boring and negative about everything.

a road hog - a very selfish and careless driver who takes more than his share of the road.

a lame duck - someone powerless

a sitting duck - someone vulnerable
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a guinea pig - one who is used as a subject in an experiment

Looks like it! But I don't know which is the other's guinea pig...
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A wallflower: someone who is shy not so sociable at the parties or other gatherings

A fair weather friend: a friend who is with you only when everything is ok, and not when there are any problems or difficulties

An early bird: someone who wakes up or arrives early

A bird of passage: a pesron who travels from one place to another (after a short period of time), or hops from one job, etc. to another
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