I didn't want to open a new topic for what I'm going to ask but I really didn't know where to post my question: I'd like to know if there's a site where I can go each time I need to find out word's meaning, both to traslate them in Italian and to understand the real meaning.

As u can see, my vocabulary is not so rich! It's not possible to open a new topic every time I need to know a word's meaning so I'll be grateful if u indicate me a site where to do this.

Hello, Little Cloud,

There are many English dictionaries online, for example:



I don't know of any Italian/English dictionary, I'm sorry...
Here's one of several: [url=http://www.freedict.com/onldict/ita.html ]Italian-English Dictionary[/url]
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Thank U so much for helping me so quicly!

And remember, if you are unable to find your answer by using those dictionaries and other online resources, there is always someone here to help you. Feel free to post your question here after (and before Emotion: wink ) not getting a satisfying answer. Emotion: smile

Good luck,
thank u! The thing is that I don't want to open useless threads just to know a word's meaning! But if u told me that, I'll ask help in case I need it!
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I think from internet we can improve our vocabulary because in internet we can find a lot of anything or new vocabulary which we have not known before. So, let's make internet as our media in improving our vocabulary in English.Good luck for u