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In the following paragraph should the word "puky" be "punky" instead? Thank you for your help.

At my school they taught you a bit of French, but anyone who attempted to pronounce a world correctly was laughed down. On a trip to we attacked a Frog behind a restaurant. By this ignorance we knew ourselves to be superior to the public-school kids, with their puky uniforms and leather briefcases, and Mummy and daddy waiting outside in the car to pick them up. We were rougher; we disrupted all lessons; we were fighters; we never carried no effeminate briefcases since we never did no homework. We were proud of never learning anything except the names of footballers, the personnel of rock groups and the lyrics of “I am a walrus”.


No. It's from the verb 'puke', meaning 'vomit'. It means the uniforms looked like vomit, which of course is a negative comment. I'd spell it 'pukey'.

[The reference to “I am a walrus” makes me think this writing refers to a time about 35 years ago. At that time, the words punk, punky were not used the way they are today].

Best wishes, Clive
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To the person speaking, punky clothing would be a compliment. I think puky is what he intends here. By the way, his grammar is puky.

If this paragraph were written in the USA, the comma would fall inside the quotes.

Another thought, Hela: a uniform worn by someone carrying a briefcase is highly unlilkely to be described as punky.

Thank you. So it should be pronounced /pjuki/ or /pjukei/ the last syllable is a monophthong or diphthong?

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Dear Hela,

It is my opinion that it is a monophthong. Emotion: smile

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