Hi all,

Would u plz explain to me the followings:-

- The difference between a nightclub and disco , clap and applaud ?
- the meaning of " steer clear" , " on roll" and " break the news" ?

Thanks in anticipation for your assistance

I'm no night owl, Kingfisher, but I believe a nightclub has live entertainment if any, while a disco features dancing to recorded music.

'Clap' and 'applaud' are often the same, with 'applaud' more formal; 'applaud' can be used in a wider sense-- the committee applauded the chairman's decision', where they did not actually 'clap'. The latter is restricted to the physical beating of hands together.

'Steer clear' = avoid
'on a roll' = having a series of successes
'break the news' = tell someone of a (usually unfortunate, often personal) event or fact of which the person is unaware.
Thanks indeed