hello everybody
Where is "voice chat room" ??? I don't know!!!
please help me
There is no special room for voice chat, you can chat in voice in the chat rooms. You can enable your microphone in the chat rooms so others would hear you, they can turn on their micrphones as well so you both have voice chat..
In the above blue bar you will find "/chat" or "/talk" - Just click on it and then choose a room to join. Unfortunately the chat rooms aren't 24 hours full of people. Sometimes you can find a lot of chatters, and some other times you will find none.
Hope I could help.
thanks a lot msre !! nice to meet you
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back to the q. Is there really a abbreviation for a sentence?
The question is ambiguous, but absolutely on the topic of hyphens. Do you mean voice chat-room or voice-chat room?
why we use everyone with is ?
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