I'm wondering about where can I talk (voice chat) to english people online. I already tried pal talk, but I wasn't very satisfied about the program. So I prefer to talk to english people with Skype. We can learn each other the foreign language (I can learn you dutch and you can learn me english), and we can make an appointment every week.

So, I hope that someone is curious and like to talk to me.

Thank you,


I've been living in the Netherlands for 2 years and I can say that all
the people here can speak English (your have television in English (around 20 channels)). I cannot understand exactly your
intention to speak English using SkypeEmotion: smile) Just go on the street and
start talking with peopleEmotion: smile)

I am Nilesh , Indian man. I want to learn speaking english fluently. I think I am perfect in grammer and can grasp language very easily. But I hesitate to speak.I want a buddy who can talk to me and teach me how to speak in english fluently.


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I'd LOVE to speak to someone, it'd be a tremendous help to me. Original Poster, how do you work it when you use skype?
Hi !

My name's Marta, I live in Spain from Barcelona I'm 19 years old. I'm study teacher it's my firts year. In summer I will work au pair with Ireland family but I'm not speak very well. Can you practice with me please? Have you skipe? Thanks
i think that is great system to learn english well
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Hi Eric,
I'm also in very bad need of some native spakers,who can voice chat with me.Please let me know if you came across with anyone so far.

Hi Eric,

I run a new website for foreign language practice using voice chat. I am looking for volunteer moderators who want to schedule voice chat in various languages. Here is the info on the website.



We are an online portal for Language Education. We offer a free membership and provide voice chat technology to Foreign Language Schools, Teachers, and Students. Learn, teach, or practice speaking a foreign language in our Voice Chat Virtual Classrooms. Members may create a personal website or online resume, post to our Foreign Language Blog, add language education links to our website, participate in our Forums, voice chat live online, and we also offer affordable voice chat virtual classroom rentals.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Jeff Redding