Complete each sentence with the correct preposition.

1. We are due another major volcanic eruption.
2. Just how concerned should we be this?
3. We were shocked the attitude of the government to the danger.
4. He was highly critical their emergency plans.
5. They are totally indifferent the latest research findings.
6. Who is responsible financing further research into this area?
7. The lava is capable moving much faster than you imagine.

from Acklam R. and S. Burgess (2001) Advanced Gold Coursebook. Harlow (UK): Longman.
Works for me as well.

And I hate prepositions! Grrr..Emotion: headbang
I hate prepositions too but this test was easy I only missed one. Emotion: smile
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y do u hate prepositions?
Are you asking me, Anon?

If so, it's because I never know which one I should use. Emotion: smile
I second Pucca.
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1. for
2. about
3. by
4. of
5. of
6. for
7. of
can you post some more test like this pls
4 out of 7

I hate preporsitions. Emotion: crying

But I wish you to post like this more.
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