the kibitzer is a person who volunteer useless information specialy in card games ,causing players to be prejudiced against him

does volunteer mean offer in this sentence?
Yes indeed. But it should be "a person who volunteerS", and "specialLy"
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I think "specially" does exist, KHoff (at least in the hyperdictionary, I checked), but I may be wrong... Emotion: smile
You're right, Pieanne, "specially" does exist, although personally I would use it a little differently than I would use "especially." Let's see if I can illustrate the difference (which might, of course, exist only in my own little mind). I would say "the chef prepared this dish especially (particularly, primarily) for you," but I would say "this dish was specially prepared (in a special, unusual way) without onions, because of your allergy." So - "specially," I would suggest , means "in a special way," and can't be substituted for "especially (meaning "particularly") without sounding as if you are just speaking carelessly.

Let's see if anyone else agrees with me.
Yes, I definitely agree with you.

Thank you.
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I'm gonna jump in with Khoff this time. Although I did pause over Merriam-Webster's no. 3 on 'specially':

Function: adverb
1 : in a special manner <treated her friends specially>
2 a : for a purpose <dresses made specially for the occasion> <wines specially selected to match each course> b : in particular : SPECIFICALLY<made specially for you>
3 : ESPECIALLY 2 <makes a specially fine curry> <was specially pleased with the gift>
Yes, my mistake, the three of you are right, of course! Emotion: smile