Trust me - this will become on topic ere long. The phrase 'Vous l'avez voulu, Georges Danton, vous l'avez voulu' drifted into my consciousness recently. I did a little Googling and it seems the proper phrase refers to Georges Dandin (eponymous hero of a Moliere play with which I am unfamiliar).
So whence Danton into my febrile imagination?
The only reference I can find to Danton in Google in this phrase is in pages like : magus.pdf
(Warning! This is a large page in pdf format and almost entirely in cyrillic script and (I think) in Russian)
It seems to be a translation of John Fowles' The Magus (of which I no longer have a copy (or, if I do, I don't know where in the house it is))

So, is that where I found the 'Georges Danton' reference? Has anyone else heard 'Georges Danton' replacing 'Georges Dandin' in any other context? Does anyone have 'The Magus' and are you able to tell me in what way Fowles uses the phrase? Is he joking, is he illustrating the literary ignorance of a character (commensurate, obviously, with my own) or what? It seems to occur early in the novel, perhaps Chapter One.
John Dean
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