Section 6 Vowels. The words ‘leak’ and ‘need’ have the same vowel sound (although they are spelt differently). Find any pairs that share the same vowel sound from the following list and write them below. Then add another word which has the same vowel sound. The first has been done for you as an example.

leak heard bread bin could dawn

put laugh need heart four friend

wash turn pool hot sill soup

Pairs of words with the same vowel sound A,E,I,O, U

leak – need – scene

put- pool – tool

Laugh –heart -

any ideas guys this is how far ive got Emotion: tongue tied
Mustafa Mohammed MirahPairs of words with the same vowel sound A,E,I,O, U
Note that these letters (and Y) are not vowel sounds. They. individually and in combination. are letters that represent the vowel sounds.
heard, turn - burn
bread, friend - send
bin, sill - till
could, put - soot
dawn, four - hall
laugh, heart - half
wash, hot - not
pool, soup - hoop
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