In english isn't y and w considered vowels sometimes
In english isn't y and w considered vowels sometimes

Yes, "y" is sometimes considered a vowel. But not "w". W is always a consonant.

Do you have a word in mind where you think that "w" might be a vowel? If you do, come back and let us know which word confuses you. We will help you to better understand why "w" is not a vowel.

The English vowels are as follows: a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes "y".

I can't think of too many words where "y" is a vowel. But here is one word: synonym.

In both cases, the "y" functions as an "i".

I am sure that there are many other words where "y" acts as a vowel too.

I hope that helps.
Hi, Guest.

From the point of view of phonetics, that is, taking into account how these letters sound, "y" and "w" are called "approximants" or "semivowels" in English. We are referring here to the sounds, not to their graphic representation.
There are also 12 vowel sounds and 8 dipthongs (or 9, depending on the author).

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Hey, vowels are only 5 letters and they are a,e,i,o,u. "y" may have become a substitute for some vowels, say, rhythm,shy,fly,sky, but, i dont think they are vowels
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In [ E ]nglish is[are]n't y and w considered vowels sometimes[?]
Yes. That is certainly true.