I was wondering if someone take a look for me at this phrase: walk away. I look it up in the dictionary, but I still do not get what it means in this context.

Thanks for your help.

(Prioson Break)
Lisa: He was arrest.
Lincoln: For what?
Lisa: Possession of marijuana. I figured he could use some fatherly advice before it is...
Lincoln: Thanks, Lisa. Sit down, dope, uh? Using or dealing?
LJ: What is the difference?
Lincoln: Then what, think it gives you some kind of street cred? You got a piece of the good life, take advantage.
LJ: Look, I get it. The whole thing. She drags me in here, you give me a big speech. I walk away a changed man, straight A's, Harvard, grow up and be a dentist.
Lincoln: It is better than being here. ...
It means exactly what it say - he walks away.
It indicates that he left unharmed, free.
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Yes, 'walk away' here means what it says.

LJ, after being 'dragged in here' (i.e. a room, a building), and 'given a big speech', leaves the room, or the building, as a changed man.

Or perhaps he doesn't (LJ seems to be a rather cynical individual).
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Thanks ! Everybody. I get it !