Hello,everyone, I am not sure what "walk in my shoes" means,.Any of you folks can help me ?
Tanks in advance.
Precisely-- smell what I smell, see what I see, and, more significantly, observe what I observe and feel what I feel.

We use the expression to ask someone to understand our viewpoint, or to change his/her opinion to our own, on some matter: 'If you could walk a mile in my shoes, you would see why I think that people are generally xenophobic'-- meaning that incidents in my life have shown me a lot of xenophobia toward myself as a foreigner, and that if you had my experiences, you would have a similar opinion.

Is that more clear?
'Walk in my shoes' means experience what I experience.
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experience what I experience in my shoes?
How can I walk in my shoes?
Smell what I smell?
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