People can walk the dog or walk the horse. If people go for a walk in a quiet place with caged birds, can we say they "walk the birds"?
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I wouldn't think so, Teo, since the birds' little legs don't actually "walk" Emotion: tongue tied You "go out for a walk with the birds", maybe?
If you were to write "walk the birds," you have an image of little tiny collars with little tiny leashes being held in your hand as you go for a walk, the birds hopping behind you.

Go for a walk among the birds.

And Pieanne, I apologize for mis-spelling your name in another post.
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Nothing to worry about, GG! Emotion: smile
I have to say, it's a charming image. If people don't "walk the birds", they ought to.

(Though I hope all the birds in question were bred in captivity.)

I must say, I'm a little curious about the impetus for the question. I've never seen such an event. Does it happen a lot in Taiwan?
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I don't know about Taiwan, but when I visited Hong Kong several years ago I was surprised to see so many people indeed 'walking' their birds -- especially first thing in the morning. No, the birds weren't in tiny leashes; rather, they were perched inside a small cage. And they seemed perfectly content to take in the bustle of the city and to breathe in some fresh air.

So in this context, I think it is acceptable to say "walk the bird."
DanyooSo in this context, I think it is acceptable to say "walk the bird."

In that case, I agree. I think we can say taking a baby for a stroll, too, though the baby is asleep in a buggy or stroller.
Imagine if we can walk the non-flying birdlike ostrich or casowary. Emotion: big smile
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