Well, this game goes back to my school years... So, don't treat it too critically...

I know, the game is far from being finished and has a terrible interface. The manual is even worse. However, I hope you'll gather enough fortitude to overcome these difficulties and have a look at the game. Despite the aforesaid, it is quite playable!

For those not wanting to read through the manual or browse through the menu:

The default settings are:
1 player - AI
2 player - Human, the controls being a,w,d,s.
3 player - Human, controlled by 4,8,5,6 (on numeric keypad with NumLock on)
4 player - Human, controlled by 'k','l','o',';'

Don't care if there are excess human players — just don't touch their keys.

When in-game, press escape to quit to the main menu.

The game is here:

As to it's popularity, it used be the #1 multiplayer game in a student group at the faculty of theoretic physics, played at programming seminars. At the faculty cybernetics it's been forced out by zatacka.
Wow! Cool!
Hmmm. I didn't expect any replies to this...

Have you been able to play it? With your friend(s) or against CPU? Or both?
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I can't really load it, but my friends have kinda shown me it.
Can't load? What do you mean: it won't download from the site or it won't run on your PC? What's the problem? Any error messages?
It just won't load. There is no screen.
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Well, I couldn't play it. Could you explain me how to play?


When you run the game, what happens? Is it a blank black screen, or "signal out of range" or just nothing happens? In the latter case try running it from within msdos prompt (also see item #2 below).

1. Don't run anything from inside the archive.
2. Make sure all files (inckluding those in /sys folder) are not read-only. (Select all files and choose properties in context menu, then uncheck the "Read Only" box).
3. Try another .exe file. There are two versions:
3.1. snk11l.exe — grapical version (which is reported not to work sometimes) and
3.2. snk11ltm2.exe — text-mode version.


Well, after you start the game you are in the main menu. To chose an item just press the corresponding key. To start the game, press "1". By default, your snake is green and is controlled by the keys:
left — a
right — d
up — w
down — s

Through the menu you can change game speed, number of CPU opponents and human players (Number of Bots), redefine keys (Define keys), turn on/off various features (7. Other) e.t.c.

When a snake runs into a wall or another snake, it doesn't die immediately. It's head stops but the tail continues to move thus making the snake shorter and shorter, until the obstacle disappears or is avoided. It allows for a more interesting gameplay letting the players to really fight with each other.

To end the game just and get back to the main menu just press ESC.

P.S.: Also, at your own fear and risk, tru reading the manual (snk_mant.txt) — for further info.
K, I'll try that.
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