probably, i'll go to england in two months later and i need to make some practice. There is no chance to find english speakers for me: ( i work too hard for my job so no time to go to course.

if you are interested and you are not native speaker like me, but your english is not too bad (intermediate is best for me), would you like to chat with me.

so, i'll start to use dictionary, i'll need to learn new words to tell you something.. it will be good for us. I hope we can find common interest. (I'm 28 y.o. and dont wanna talk about bicycle, chewing gum, !!no child!!: ))) )

my skype : (removed by mod) ..
you can find another way to reach me on my profile.

Thanx : )

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Hi Alesta, i am poo. i am indian girls can u communicate with me in english
I'm Munny. I'm 21 y.o. I'm probably at intermediate English level and also want to chat in English with you to improve our English.
My yahoo nick is (removed by mod). Nice to make friend with you.
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hi it's nice to meet you.

yes i am interested in english n i am not native in it ..

My name is Mrs.Mehwish Naveed.i am 27 yrs old ..



Mrs.Mehwish Naveed
hi, maybe we could find some time to have a conversation, i'm willing to practice my english with you,as you have said, you also want to practice your english, maybe we could help each other..thankz!Godbless..
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hi i m also find like u who speak with me in englis and improve it which time u online tell me the time and send me ur skype or yahoo id i will in touch with u thanks and take care.
hello ..my name aziz ..i study in England .. i have to do my master in October

i'm so happy to find afriend to speak English to brush up our language

good thing to practice english in each skills .

ummm...if you find any mistake in grammer or spell plz help me

keep in touch


I am Manoj. I am from india. I hunting for jobs in india. Due to english language, i didn`t get job. i would like to improve my engliah language. Are you interest to speak or chat with you ?

i am waiting for your reply.

Thank you!

Have a nice day!

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