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can you please tell me if you are a native speaker.
I am MAlaysian. I would like to be the student. But how much would the fee cost? HUHU..
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Sounds like a great opportunity. Please send me a message. My email should be on my profile here.
Yes Mr Jonathan

I appriciate your efforts and iam willing to join if u are ready to hire me as english teacher

Now iam working as spoken english trainer in British acadamy in india
Hello teacher ! I am Andy. I am from Vietnam. Would you mind teaching me English. My email: deleted by moderator and deleted by moderator. Please post contact information in your personal profile only.

Please add me., my teacher.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you !
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You can count on me to volunteer my skype Your contact information must be placed in your personal profile. (Moderator)
Hi Sir, Is there chance to know or to get your website? Is there any charge or for free?
I would like to improve my English as this is a requirement at my work.
Thank you for attention.
I can help you. I am a private English tutor.
Please refer to my profile for contact email.

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I can help you with your English.
I am a private English tutor with a Bachelor is Business.
I've taught in a classroom setting and I am now offering lessons via Skype, so students can now learn from their home or office.

please click on my name and in my profile you will find my email address.

Thank you,