Hi all. I am an English Teacher from Turkey. I am planning to build a website teaching English. It's target students are Turks who are trying to learn English. But step by step I want to enlarge the project and thus many people from different countries can learn English from our website. To achieve this, I need to cooperate with active English teachers who checks his/her email inbox everyday. If you want to be a part of this project please send me an email telling about yourself. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day
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Hi Jonathan 1980tr!

Your proposition sounds intrigueing. I want to get into on-line EFL myself but in quite a different way - selling EFL learning materials.

I need to learn as much as I can about on-line EFL which is why I'm checking out this site. I reckon a little voluntary work for you would be mutually beneficial.

I'm a qualified (CELTA) British EFL teacher with 5 years' experience in England, Spain, Italy and Russia. I've also designed tailor-made teaching materials for the Elizabeth Johnson Organisation's summer school programme for 12 centres in the UK.

My e-mail is: <REMOVED BY MOD>
I'd be glad to help you, I'm from Italy, and I could help those who are from my country to learn it... Emotion: smile
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Hi!! Mr.jonathan, I'm from Bali and I want to learn english. Now I'm still a student in university, my majority is english. I fing some difficulty to learn and speak english fluently. I hope you can help me.
thanks for your kindness.

good luck


I'm interested in assisting your venture. I have been a TESOL teacher in Thailand and Korea for four years. I have taught all levels including IELTS, TOEFL and Business English. I'm now involved in translation proofreading and International Trade Public Relations for a Korean provincial government and export corporation but would enjoy marking students test papers or essays etc.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Masters B. Bus (App Ec) Dip FP TESOL FCTBE

actually i want help ,

to guide me in learning english mainly speakin and grammar ,

can u volonteer?
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Hi Jonathan. I just joined this site, and your project seems very interesting. I have a Masters Degree in Communications, and I am also a certified English teacher. Iwould like to help you with your project.

Sorry for the delay in my answer

Are you a native speaker Carol. Because I need native speakers for this project.
Hi dear,

I am english teacher and you can contact me .......... Email Removed
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