I want to join now and i want to learn english free.I Want to do it with a firend or teacher. I am aliAnd I am 15. Could you help me? Thanks. Ali
You just have to ask questions here and people will answer them (for free!)
I want to joing now and I want to learn English free!I want to do it with a friend or a teacher.I am Ali and I am 15.Could you help me?
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
I want to to know four kinds of sentences.For example:I got simple,complact,and compound.
So is the next sentence similarative sentence?If not?What is it?
if u want to learn english jest go to school
Hi Anonymous,

if u want to learn english jest go to school

Unfortunately, some schools don't teach good manners.

Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Hi Virgil (Ali),

This forum is not really a place to teach you English in a complete and organized way. Why don't you write some sentences, and post them here. Then we can tell you if they are OK, and help you with any problems.

So, welcome to the forum and please write again.