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Which one is grammatically correct?

1. I just want to say hi to you.

2. I just wanted to say hi to you.

Thank you!

Both are correct, but we use wanted to show more politeness, especially if your addressee has a higher status than you or is a person that you respect.

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Want - for now

Wanted for past time. Both are correct. You need to use them in a context so that we can see.
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Americans they want to be different, they use 'wanted' instead of 'want' for present time.

For instance, 'I wanted to say I am grateful to you'

American English grammar is slightly different from Standard English. They love to use subjunctives too.
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i just wanted to say hi

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I want is grammatically correct. I wanted means I want too but not sure if I should.

That's what i wanted to say.

That's what i want to say.

Which is correct?

I just want to say hi to you

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