Context: I am sending this that He didn't have any project a few months ago. Now, Just I wanted to check whether he has or not.


How are you?

Would you let me know if you have any project?Thanks Please suggest in the email to make it Business English.
kumenglishContext: I am sending this that He to follow up with a prospect. He didn't have any projects a few months ago. Now, Just I just want wanted to check whether he has any. or not.

Hello Mr. Gupta,

When we last talked a couple of months ago, you said that you didn't have any web development projects needing to be contracted out. I am touching base with you to ask if the situation has changed. Could you please let me know?

Thank you,

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I am confused here about what is the difference between I just want to and I just wanted to?

Could you please share some differences with example?

kumenglishI just want to

Right now. That is what you want at this present moment.

kumenglishI just wanted to

Actually it refers to a past time. But the "want" that was in the past could still be valid now.

There is not much difference. The past form seems a little more apologetic or humble.