Hello everybody,

i am studying economic and psychology at FOM University in Düsseldorf.

May i ask a favour?

I am searching for people with really good english skills. Native or german/english Speakers with C1/C2-Level. Here the issue: I need 200-300 probands for valid results in my Thesis.

It is all about a research to measure personality traits.
This research was developed by Prof. Dr. Bulheller (FOM).

Subject of the scientific study is a personality inventory that was translated from the german into english language. The Survey has around 125 questions that try to measure and describe personality with 5 superfactors.

In germany the inventory is used in human resource departments, personality coaching’s and as well to plan you carrier. It is also helpful for you to get an idea about your key skills.

My part is to evaluate the results of the translated version.

It is anonymous, everyone gets an own login to the inventory. As benefit everyone gets a free analysis of them personality.

There are two settings:

1.only english (~ 10 minutes)
2.english and german (~ 20 minutes)

So please let me know if you will help me and which test you would like to do.

You can also write to: Email Removed

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ludwig Neukart

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