Hi everyone. I know that this issue can be very debateable, but not many people know the truth behind the war. I find that this may change our views on how our nation is being run.

~ We went to war with Iraq because of the threat of WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) being created. There were also threats and rumors that thy would be used in the future.

~ President Bush told Saddam to let the U.K. in Iraq and search for weapons.

~ Saddam did not allow them to enter.

~ Back in the U.S., Bush was recieving information about where the weapons were being held. He said that the information was correct and has been checked several times.

~ Since Saddam didn't comply with the deadline to allow the search to continue, so we went to war.

~ We went in there with one mission, to find Saddam and the weapons storage. After some time, many lost lives of both civilians and soldiers, Saddam was captured in an underground bunker. As far as the weapons, none were found yet.

~ Saddam was questioned and then taken prisoner. No weapons were found. The search continues.

~ Sometime in 2004, a year after the war started ( March 19, 2003), Bush finally admits that there were no weapons found and that he had been given false information. The reason for going to war now is because Saddam posed a threat. Nothing more than a threat.

To this day the war is still going on, lives are lost everyday. Iraq is closer to democracy, but has many years to go. I have just one question. Everytime the U.S. sees a nation that poses a threat, will we go in there and take them out? Please reply to this. I will be so greatful.

* If at anytime someone was offened by a statement I have made, it wasn't ment to offend you. I just wanted to know what others thought about this topic. *
lol i can put the reason why in one word: OIL
do you think usa even knew where iraque was if it wasnt for oil:):)
Ultimatewaterslol i can put the reason why in one word: OIL
do you think usa even knew where iraque was if it wasnt for oil:):)

I actually felt better back when I figured it was just about oil. Since that time, I've started thinking that it is about something far worse.