Does anyone know the logic behind the creation of these terms? Or what they are intended to mean?
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Are you refering to software / game packages?

If so: War "Lite" would either be:

-a simplified version, probably free.
-a hacked version, advertising removed.
-a smaller, easier to download package without all the main features.
According to a student, they are both terms that have been used on CNN recently. I was able to find that "War Lite" may have been a code name for a military op. in Afganistan recently, but I'm still very much in the dark with both.
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Lol, so not a computer game then!Emotion: smile

Yep, apparently it's a strategy Donald Rumsfeld (Iraq) came up with; that failed.
Great idea Hitchhiker, perhaps we can devise a game where you only half kill your enemy, or perhaps kill only half of him - you know, killing in a Lite kind of way! What kind of cigarettes would these 'half dead' smoke? They would smoke "Empire Lites, when only half cancer will do!"
Seriously, thanks for shedding some 'lite' on this.
hehe, just couldn't resist could you?
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No one can resist an Empire Lite!
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"empire lite" was coined by american media to explain the presence (both military and economic) in such far-flung, and heretofore largely "untapped" areas of the world such as x-,y-, and z-istan in central asia. (ok, the russians were there first, but their "empire" was not labelled thus due mainly to its geographic contiguity.)

the term is meant to differentiate from "traditional" empires à la france/britain/etc... which have left such a bad taste in everyone's mouth for decades afterwards.

therefore, america's empire "lite" is hoped to be viewed by other countries as less intrusive, but as an american myself, i would hasten to say that a less visible presence does not mean a less insidious agenda. until there is a mcdonald's on every corner in tashkent, there is work to be done!
not to mention the homonyms, lite/light, which might imply the "enlightenment" brought to these countries by the ever-so-righteous followers of king george (w. bush)!
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