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Dear jupath;

If I find the book in Turkey, I will read it. But first I have to finish my book ("Schopenhauer Treatment" by Irvin D. Yalom), which I am reading nowadays.

Take care, WP.
Hello WhitePigeon!

I'm glad you enjoyed a lot your stay here. Barcelona is a great city and I often go shopping there. I live in Tarragona (98 km from Barcelona). Tell me what did you visit? What is that you like most? Ask me whatever you like. It will be a pleasure! ;-)

Take care,


P.S. By the way, I've also started to read The War of the Worlds. It sounds great!
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Hello Dear Eire;

First day, we took a sightseeing of Barcelona with our guide. Our hotel was in front of the Plaza Montjuic where the awesome water and light show has been demonstrated.

In Barcelona we went to Parque Güell (Guell Park), Montjuic, The Plaça d’Espana, La Sagrada Familia, Port Vell, Port Olimpic, L’aquarium, Gaudi’s Houses etc.

My favorite places/ structures were La Sagrada Familia and Guell Park. I got much more respect to Gaudi who I haven’t known enough about before. I bought lots of books about him and his structures.

Unfortunately we couldn’t visit any museum in Barcelona although I would love to see Picasso’s paints especially. When we went to the museums, they were closed.

We also saw Madrid, La Mancha and all Andalusia cities as Seville, Cordoba, and Granada. I will absolutely come to Spain again. Do you have any recommendation to go or visit??

How about Tarragona? You are speaking in Catalan right? In Barcelona everybody speaks in Catalan, fortunately Catalan is a little similar to French. We understand each other by speaking French not English.

I would like to learn Spanish and maybe Catalan (but is harder than Spanish I think right?). Do you want to help me about?

I am searching the book of “the War of Worlds”. If I don’t find I will have my uncle to bring me from America.

Take care, WP.
Hello WhitePigeon!

How are you doing? I've just read about your tour and I think it was really complete! You saw a lot of things in 8 days! That's fantastic! I also like Gaudi (Batllo's House is my favourite!) I'd recommend you to come to Catalonia again and do an extensive visit. You only enjoyed the capital (Barcelona), but there are lots of different things: the Pyrynees (if you like high mountains, quietness and romanic churches), Costa Brava (if you like the beach) and, of course, Tarragona and Delta de l'Ebre.

You visited places I've never been to such as La Mancha and Andalusia. I would love to go to Granada and see the Alhambra, but it's so hot down there... I don't know when we will be able to go! Tell me, what's your opinion about all these places?

My city, Tarragona, is 98 km far from Barcelona. It's in the coast as well. In Roman times, Tarraco was an important capital in the empire. There are lots of Roman ruins in our city and that's why we were declared "World Heritage" not many years ago. I'll send you some pictures if you want. It'll be a pleasure!

Catalan is my mother tongue. Most people in Catalonia speak Catalan. However, there are many immigrant people from other parts of Spain or foreing countries who don't do the effort to learn Catalan because they already know Spanish (the other official language), but these are linguistic and political problems! In my opinion, Catalan is harder than Spanish but if you know French, learning Catalan or Spanish is going to be easier! And, of course, I'll help you in any thing you need.

Next week I'm going on holidays in the western Pyrynees (those which belong to Aragón).

Take care,


P.S. The book is getting more and more interesting... I'm at chapter 4!
Hello Dear Eire;

I am doing good. How about you? Happy to take your reply.

As our tour guide mentioned, we were lucky that the weather wasn’t so hot while we were there (in the last week of July) He said that in summer season it was incredible that Andalusia was like this hot!

Actually I enjoyed everywhere that I saw in Spain. For example, Alhambra Castle in Granada and Cordoba Mosque in Cordoba made me so charmed. They are fascinating. Toledo is the same J I think you should go to Granada and see Alhambra as you wish. I got loved sightseeing to Alhambra Castle from the hill of Albaicin where is located on a hill facing the Alhambra.

Moreover, I am really glad to go to Flamenco Show in Seville. It was also an impressive show. I am so regretful that not to buy its VCD or DVD from there. I am searching right now in order to buy one via internet. Seville certainly is one of the most beloved places. City has architectonically more Moorish influence.

Please send me the pictures of Catalonia as you mentioned. I will be so glad to see that pictures.

My husband comes to north of Spain as Bilbao, Logroño for his work. He also tells me that we must go to north of Spain too. He always talks about the chuletón (that I don’t know how exactly is written but which is a kind of meat like big entrecote and cooks on the hot brick)

I don’t know French but my husband knows. But I really want to learn Spanish and I will do some time J

How long have you connected to this forum site? I found this site when I was searching a site which helps me to improve my English.

Anyways I am looking forward to receiving the Catalonian pictures.

Take care, WP.
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I agree with uou guys on the ending, terrorism, American and Hollywood way, and the car! Though it was fun watching the movie, it was the worst of Spielberg's that I've seen. Among his recent works, I liked AI, especially with Haley Osment on the cast. He is a promising young actor.
I'm sorry, LanguageLover, but "The War of the Worlds" is not the worst film by Steven Spielberg. The film keeps its intrigue until the end even if you know the story.

If this film is the worst, what is your opinion about the second part of Jurassic Park? A film with no plot.

Hello WhitePigeon!

I've just come back from my holidays in the western Pyrynees. That was really good! Relax, nature and photographs! I'm going to upload some pictures in my blog. If you'd like to see them, you're invited to do it.

I'm new in the forum, but I think it is very useful to practice and improve the language. That's why I try to write so often. We can keep in touch via e-mail and talk about our things. You'll find my e-mail address in my blog's profile.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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Hello, everybody!

As for me, I first read the book by Wells and then saw the film , and I must say the comparison is not in the favor of the film. Frankly speaking, I awaited much more from such a famous film-maker as Spielberg. The film is gloomy, sometimes rather boring and surely depressing. People are slaughtered like animals and can't do anything to defend themselves, the excuse being that our modern technique doesn't work in the presence of the monsters. The only active deed by Ray was exploding the granade, bur of course that wasn't enough.

Then I saw the film "Independance Day" and it was great! If I am not mistaken, it was made earlier than "War of the Worlds", but what a difference! It showed so many effects, people were doing the best they could to defend themselves, and even though they didn't succeed at first, they finally broke the defence system of the aliens. In this film more weapons are shown, and on the whole, it's more action-like.

Besides, if the aliens had flying saucers and other advanced technique, they surely must have been resistant to bacteria and anything in the atmosphere (special costumes and the like). Really, the film by S.S. looks like made in mid-twentieth century (by its naiveness), doesn't it?
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