It is a must-see film!!! My congratulations to Steven Spielberg for it!

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I really didn't like it very much!
Why not?

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First, I must say that I don't like this kind of movie so much but I found it as a déjà-vu!

It's not so original and I found some scenes debating (is this the right word?): for exemple, the one in which the baby sees the bodies in the river: isn't true that, when the ET shot, they disintegrated the people? Moreover, here in Italy, Tom Cruise had a beautiful voice, so sexy, since 80s. In this movie, it changed and we were very upset about this! Emotion: surprise
I also liked this movie. It is exciting and Spielberg does manage to keep tension throughout the film. BUT there were some things which annoyed me.

It was weird when they hid in the basement and the aliens, seeking human beings, looked into their shelter with a snakelike ehhh... stuff and didn’t spot them. Their seeking tool wasn’t able to hear and sense or anything else?

The solution. A kind of old civilization doesn’t think of the danger of germs? In the 19 century this solution must have been acceptable or perhaps astonishment either but in the 21 century it seems to be a bit odd. I think.

The Happy End. I adopt it’s necessary but why couldn’t the family be just a little bit slovenly? They appeared at the door with a “whathappend” face and wore dapper clothes. I think it's a bit ridiculous.

I know, I know I’m nit-picking. Emotion: smile

Actually, I haven’t read the book but the movie made me curious. I wonder the differences and the similarities between the book and the film. I’m going to read it.

By the way Eire, do you have any connection with Ireland?
I completely agree with U and I also know that it's a remake of an older movie, isn't it?
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The older movie won an Oscar for the best special effects, but that was back in 1953.

I know some things from Spielberg's film may appear strange in our society, but H. G. Wells wrote the novel in 1898! I've seen both movies and I want to read the book as well. I think it is going to be very very good!!!


P.S. I'm not from Ireland but I'm related to it in a sense. I lived and worked there for a time!
And in 1938 a radio broadcast was made by Orson Welles. It caused huge panic in the US.

It's true it's a very old story. Spielberg changed many things, compared to the original book, which made this film acceptable in the 21 century either. But he was supposed to consider some things e.g. the well-dressed family at the door, the aliens' snakelike seeking-tool.

I'm planning to spend a month in Ireland next year. Emotion: smile
You appear to have read the book. Is it worth reading?

Which part of Ireland are you planning to go?

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