Hi group,

I was wondering if warm regards is something a male would say to a male in a post. Is this normal. Or is it just female to male or male to female kind of way to end a post. To be more specific what if the male is from the UK.

P.S. My name seems to be misleading people so....I am a male.

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Hi, Praveen
When you meet people for the second (third...) time, you don't say "how do you do"
"How are you?" is fine
Is "How do you do?" used only during first time while meeting a stranger?

I think the answer is yes.
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Yes, it's a kind of ritual E speaking persons have... Emotion: smile
I don't think I've ever said 'how do you do', when meeting a stranger.

People round my way usually just dance about awkwardly and nod a couple of times with lifted eyebrows/pursed lips and a mumbled 'hello'.

At the end of the 'conversation', there are usually a few more lifted-eyebrow nods and maybe a little wave, as both parties mumble 'anyway...' and shuffle off towards the next embarrassing experience.

It's a kind of dysfunction E people have... Emotion: sad

Thanks Anne and MrP.
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