Hi group,

I was wondering if warm regards is something a male would say to a male in a post. Is this normal. Or is it just female to male or male to female kind of way to end a post. To be more specific what if the male is from the UK.

P.S. My name seems to be misleading people so....I am a male.

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It's possible if they are old friends.

Oh, I see it's your first post-- Welcome to English Forums, Lazula!

Warm regards,

Thanks MM.

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During the end of a conversation, which one should be used?

1) Nice meeting you.
2) It was nice meeting you.

I think we can use either of them.
You're right. #1 is just a casual, truncated form of #2.
Thanks MrM.

Meanwhile, what should the response for these expressions (The "receiver" responses are just my guesses):

1) Sender : Nice to meet you.
Receiver : very nice to meet you.

2) Sender : Glad to meet you.
Receiver: ?????????

3) Sender : Nice meeting you.
Receiver: sth like 'pleasure is mine....', I don't remember it.
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There are no set-in-stone responses, BV. You can mix and match pretty freely:

1. R: Nice to meet you / nice to meet you too / nice meeting you too / very nice to meet you too / the pleasure's mine / good to meet you too / glad to meet you too / etc.

2. R: Glad to meet you too / the pleasure's mine / etc. as above.

3. R: Nice meeting you too / etc. as above.

As you can see, the frequent keyword is 'too'. Most common initially, I think, is just to repeat the phrase and add 'too':

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.

This is sufficiently polite on first meeting. If at the end of the meeting and talking, you wish to particularly express your pleasure in the new acquaintance, then you can expand and be more creative and individual:

S: It was very nice indeed to meet you. (for instance)
R: The pleasure was all mine! (for instance)
Thankyou very much MrM.
1) What about meeting people during next time? ie second time, third time.....
("How do you do?", "How are you?",etc seems fine....... )

2) Can we use the previously discussed sentences?

3) When meeting friends.
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