When or for whom should we use "Warm Regards" in conclusion?
Where is "Kind Regards" or "Best Regards" applicable?


I don't think there is any standard. So I will just voice my own personal opinion.


often used as a standard

Kind regards, Best regards,

...can be used as a standard or slightly preferential

Warm regards,

...use for those who are close to you...good friends, family, associates

You can also use as a standard....

Yours truly, Sincerely, Yours sincerely 

If it is some that is special to you--very close friends, family, or intimate partners


To be honest, people don't really pay much attention to the way a letter is signed UNLESS they notice that you are treating them in a cooler than normal fashion. For example, if always signed your letter to your girlfriend,


but have recently begun to sign your letters with,

Yours truly, 

... she might wonder why you have gone from being affectionate to being "cold".

For everyday, normal correspondence, you have lots of options to choose from.

Hope that helps.

"Warm Regards" for me has more intimacy about it than "Best Regards". It depends on the person though as some people see it as the same thing.

Usually I consider "Best Regards" more about the person, than health and well-being. If you want to wish them well for the future, what better way of saying it than using "Best Regards".

People who send their "Warm Regards" are usually close friends, perhaps easier people to get along with or those who like to get along with everyone.
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But seriously I think that there is a tonal issue to salutations. Let's ask the question of whether this is appropriate. I am a native English speaker who didn't pay much attention to this until I grew up and got into business.

For example, when I talk to people from the UK over time I see this progression as the conversational topics degrade (Cheers, then Best regards, and finally Regards when things get hairy).

There is an implication that a varying amount of "respect" is being paid.

Of course, the rest of the discussion is important, but is it appropriate (or polite) to express this "respect" in a salutation.
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Thanks a lot, anon.
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My boyfriend gave me a Christmas Card signed Best Wishes once. He never made that mistake again!
Hi I'm a french who have an english friend...

And I want to know what does it mean If a boy sign all time: kind regards

And sudenly change for sign : Warm regards a the end recently...

As I can hope, the change not just in the letter... ?

Many things are possible. See what happens next. Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks Clive.

I've forgoten to precise... Its an american not a british. I dont know if its deferent...


How I can sing my letter to send a response originally anb "subtle" ?

Please... Help me!

Perhaps you could reply with 'Warm regards'?Emotion: smile


... It's me, (the french canadian girl)

Now... If my friend (an american), changing is "Warm regards" for just: "Regards"

I can hope... I've graduate in a high level in the relationship... or not? ;-)

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