Greetings everyone!
I wanted to share some of my experience dealing with bi-lingual kindergartens in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Despite the economic crisis and hard times for Russia, it is still very popular to invite native speakers to teach English. However, not every ESL teacher is aware about certain unfair business practices that make the teaching experience in Russia very stresful.
First of all, make sure you don't settle for a job with an employer that will use your services and doesn't pay you for your work.
I have lived and worked in Russia for over 5 years now and had good and bad experience when teaching ESL.
However, I have noticed that the most trouble comes when you find a job without a contract for some private local kindergarten.
One of such private kindergartens is called Winnie-Pooh. It is located in Saint-Petersburg and from the firs glance it is not any different from any other kindergarten. The private cottage that it occupies looks pretty fancy. The staff seems to be nice and friendly. However,keep in mind that this particular kindergarten is following the same pay schedule as many other businesses in Russia. They keep the money for the first two weeks as some sort of guarantee that you will continue workng for them, so that sum of money you will only see if you work as long as they need you. If for some reason you fail to perform your duties,get ill or just fail to please your employer, then get ready for trouble!

Not only they will point their finger on you and make you feel like a scape goat. They will never pay you any money earned claiming that they lost clients and have no extra money to pay.
So as far as I know there are a few private kindergartens that follow this illegal business tactics:

their names are:

Winnie Pooh (located in Pargolovo, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

another one is From "A" to "Z" (от "А" до "Я")
Locared near metro Chernishevskaya in Saint-Petersburg,Russia.

Rule of a thumb: even if you teach officially in Russia, demand your employer to pay you the full amount of money earned EVERY DAY or at least once a week, otherwise you are set for dispute with your employer sooner or later and trust me it is not something you want to encounter in a foreign country.

Best wishes!

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