please, could somebody explain me what the following means:

... D'you remember my telling you about that chap I met in Brittany? I saw
him the other day here. He's just off to Tahiti. He was broke to the
. He was a brasseur d'affaires, a stockbroker I suppose you call it
in English ....

And why it is "broke", not "broken", that is correct participle II form?. What tense form it is?
Thanks in advance.
I think it is Somerset Maugham's character's way of saying that he was very broke (i.e had no money at all). 'Broke' is an adjective meaning 'penniless'.
Thank you =)
now I see...
when I looked it up in a dictionary first time I didn't find this adjective, now I see it was there, It is just that I missed it