i feel like want to cry making my report..i'm confusing of using those words..
which one is correct?

1.The pedestrian link design was changed due to column is/was located in the road median
2.The pedestrian link has been changed due to column is/was located in the road median

1. The beam was constructed with size 600mm
2. The beam has been constructed with size 600mm
or can I just use
3. The beam constructed with size 600mm

when to use is changed, was changed and has been changed?
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The disposition of Vehicle was changed from manila to rizal

my_e11evenIt sounds that was changed/was move+ed and has been changed/has been mov____+ed have similar meanings..isn't it?
and 1 of my friend told me that 'has been _finish___+ed' is something that always happen. for example 'has been constructed' means from past until today, the construction still not finish..is it true?
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It is true.was changed is past event that is not present.

Has been V3 is present perfect that means accomplished something.

Has been Ving is progressive term that happen until now.