Iraq has just finished its first election for many years.
It was not held under ideal circumstances, but was it a positive step forward for Iraq?
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I think it is definitely a good step in the right direction.
Doesn't anyone else have an opinion?
Hi Mike,
...we should remember that some nations now considered very successful have been born or re-born out of scenes of violence even worse than what it happening now in Iraq.

I think you'll like this article. It's by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's director, Alyson JK Bailes. It was published in the 2004 SIPRI Yearbook.

Here's the link: [url=""]Lessons of Iraq[/url]

The SIPRI Yearbook is a published study of security and conflicts, military spending and armaments, and arms control and disarmament.
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Hi Matthewg,

Thanks for the link, but I found vey little in it relating to the actual election - not surprising since the article was written in March 2004.

It did, however, make a brief comment that in that author's view, colonialism is virtually a thing of the past - a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree.

There has been so much propaganda flying from so many sources about the Iraq situation that it would be either a very wise man, or a fool that would seriously attempt making any authoritative summary, but any development that places more control in the hands of a given country's people should be a good one.

I know it may be opening a can of worms, but I hope more users can give us their personal opinions.

Hi Mike it is the best thing that has happened for Iraq. There may be many more problems to be resolved but thank God they will have the opportunity to resolve their own problems. Change cannot be forced on anyone. Communism had a go but failed miserably. Change comes from within.
I don't have enough information to stand a well based opinion.
Mike, your words "It was not held under ideal circumstances" are significant. Can you imagine an election in Australia during a war? and mostly organised by one of the parts in combat? How much reliable would have it been?
I want to believe it was positive, just it is difficult to be optimistic in the short term.
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Good point Elena.
It is sometimes easy to overlook the obvious, in this case to try to see the election situation through Iraqi eyes.
Mike in japan said:
'...any development that places more control in the hands of a given country's people should be a good one. '

This is, to any reasonable person, entirely right. Given this the question of whether the election was a positive step for the people of Iraq (misuse of the thread title intended) must focus around whether this particular election placed more control in the hands of the people of Iraq.

By 'people' we must surely mean all of the people and not just those that were capable of voting or free from unreasonable coercion. I think the recent elections were much farther from meeting the previous definition than we would expect if the elections were to be described as 'representative' or 'fair'.

And any election that is not representative or fair is not the kind that elects a spokesperson for the people, but rather one that elects (normally) a tyrant or, under the supervision of the U.K. and U.S.A, a puppet.

Which is exactly, in my opinion, what has been elected.
All I can say is (and I know it isn't quite on topic) that who knows how many more September 11ths the world would have had to put with had Saddam and his regime not been toppled. 70% of Iraq's population agree with all that has happened and Iraq is now a free country.

President Bush and Prime Minister Blair deserve far more thanks than they get.
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